Jeff roast profile.jpg


A natural tinkerer, Jeff is the mad scientist that develops our roast profiles and makes sure every single batch follows the sweetest roast curve you can possibly imagine. It's been rumored that Jeff can hear first crack from distances of over 500 feet. When he's not roasting, Jeff is definitely making spreadsheets.

syd the kid

SYDNEY BRACKEMYRE - Marketing Baller

A 5-star recruit and gifted athlete, Sydney is also a talented photographer (she's the reason our IG account looks amazing) and sensory master. Juggling running the social media department and helping deliver orders is no small feat, but Syd the Kid makes it look easy.



A firm believer in the power of a drip coffee with an espresso shot chaser, Steve is the former wine guy turned software guy turned coffee guy that helps get Tinker Coffee from the roaster to your home. When he's not doing account work, Steve is definitely responding to one million emails.

tinker coffee austin patterson


Leading the Tinker Techs team is no small task, but Austin is up to the challenge. As a certified technician, Austin is able to diagnose coffee problems big and small and is one of the best tinkerers of all time. When he's not in Indianapolis fixing espresso machines or dialing in a batch brew, Austin is probably in Seattle.

dilly dog

DYLAN MORSE - Director of Accounts

A jack of all trades, Dylan is just as comfortable rebuilding a grinder as he is dialing-in coffee on a batch brewer. With his superior hospitality skills, Dylan is quick to make you feel like a million bucks, and his #1 priority is making sure the coffee you drink at our wholesale partners is tasting absolutely delicious.

alec with the topo

ALEC MANDLA - Production / Accounts

As a man with a passion for cooking and account service as strong as his passion for coffee, Alec is the perfect combination of technical expertise and creativity. You’ll see Alec running coffee all over town and also behind the bar of his mobile coffee cart Lost & Found. When he’s not keeping the production ship rolling, Alec is definitely workin’ on that sourdough.