Rwanda - Dukunde Kawa

tinker coffee dukunde kawa
tinker coffee dukunde kawa

Rwanda - Dukunde Kawa

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As one of the most environmentally and socially conscious cooperatives in Rwanda, Dukunde Kawa not only produces fantastic coffee but also provides robust support systems for their members. Founded in 2003 with 300 coffee growers, the cooperative is now over 2000+ members strong and 80% of their members are women. The specific lot we purchased this year is 100% comprised of coffees produced under the direction of these women.

As recognition for their hard work in support of sustainability through every phase of coffee production, Dukunde Kawa won the SCAA’s prestigious Sustainability Award in 2012 for realizing the benefits of shade-grown coffee and restorative replanting efforts.

Like a classic root beer, this lot showcases deep complexity and sweetness reminiscent of sarsaparilla and cinnamon sugar. We also tasted notes of melon and jasmine in the cup, making this coffee versatile enough for batch brewing and pourovers alike.

  • REGION: Musasa, Gakenke

  • PRODUCER: Dukunde Kawa

  • PROCESS: Washed

  • VARIETY: Bourbon

  • ELEVATION: 2000+M

  • TASTING NOTES: Root beer, melon, jasmine

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