Nicaragua - Bayardo Reyes


Nicaragua - Bayardo Reyes

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As coffee roasters, we’re tremendously focused on sourcing the most exceptional coffees we can find through our import partners and connections in coffee-growing regions. In some instances, we have the opportunity to source coffees that are not only delicious, but also help to make the world a better place. This lot from Finca San Jose de Las Nubes and owner Bayardo Reyes achieves that goal by benefitting our partners at Project Alianza, a women-lead not-for-profit dedicated to ending educational inequality in Latin America.

Not long ago, children living around Finca San Jose de Las Nubes had to walk 3+ kilometers on dangerous, isolated roads to get to school. Some parents saw this journey as too much of a risk and would keep their younger kids home. Bayardo and his family very much believe in investing in their community, especially in the children, so they built a small schoolhouse open to any kid who wanted to come. To build on their efforts, Project Alianza hired a local facilitator to work with the teacher and the Ministry of Education to supplement and improve the quality of education in the school with programs focused on literacy, health and hygiene, environmental sustainability, and gender equality.

With Bayardo at the helm and through the assistance of Project Alianza, Las Nubes has thrived and children have greater access to education than ever before. We’re proud of our partnership with Project Alianza and are honored to showcase coffee from this wonderful farm on our menu.

To build upon our strong relationship with Project Alianza and to support their mission with Bayardo’s farm and beyond, we donate $2 from every pound of this lot sold directly back to Project Alianza. Through this initiative, we hope to create stronger bonds between coffee roaster, farmer, import partner, and NGO to create a truly virtuous supply chain cycle.

  • REGION: Matagalpa

  • PRODUCER: Bayardo Reyes - Finca San Jose de Las Nubes

  • PROCESS: Washed

  • VARIETY: Caturra, Catuai

  • ELEVATION: 1200M

  • TASTING NOTES: Graham cracker, cherry, chocolate

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