Ethiopia Shantawene Washed


Ethiopia Shantawene Washed

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In the foothills of the Bombe Mountains in Sidama, Ethiopia lies the small village of Shantawene. The village is home to a washing station that bears its name, and the mill serves around 1500 local producers each year. This washed lot was grown and harvested in Shantawene, but processed at the Bombe washing station slightly to the south. By processing the coffee at Bombe, the coffee was able to be certified organic at export.

Sourced with the help of our friends at Catalyst Trade, we absolutely love the fruity and floral notes in this lot. With notes of rose, banana, and watermelon candy, this is the perfect lot to appreciate on a cold winter’s afternoon.

  • REGION: Sidama Zone, Bensa District

  • PRODUCER: Shantawene Village, Bombe washing station

  • PROCESS: Washed, screen size sorted (15)

  • VARIETY: Mikicho, Setami

  • ELEVATION: 2000-2300M

  • TASTING NOTES: Meyer lemon, lavender, watermelon

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