Ethiopia Keramo Natural


Ethiopia Keramo Natural

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Sourced with the help of our friends at Catalyst Coffee, this densely herbal and floral naturally processed lot from the Keramo Village in Sidama is a welcome addition to our winter lineup. This organically grown coffee was fully washed and dried on raised mesh beds before being sorted by screen size (a measure of bean size). After cupping several of the sorted lots, we found size 15 to be our preference and are excited to share the lot with you now.

Keramo is a village located high in the Bombe mountains, and this particular lot was processed at the Bombe washing station in accordance with strict quality guidelines managed by Catalyst. With their exceptional attention to detail and deep relationships in Ethiopia, we are proud to work with Catalyst on all our Ethiopian offerings this year.

One of the things that makes this coffee particularly exceptional is the fact that the coffee cherries were dried on raised beds under the shade of a mesh canopy that creates a slower and more gentle drying process. This particular drying method truly enhances the fruit juice characteristic and sweetness of the lot.

  • REGION: Sidama Zone, Bensa District

  • PRODUCER: Shantawene Village, Bombe washing station

  • PROCESS: Natural, screen size sorted (15)

  • VARIETY: Heirloom, Setami

  • ELEVATION: 1905-2400M

  • TASTING NOTES: Grape candy, gummy bears, honey

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