Ethiopia - Hunda Oli

tinker coffee hunda oli
tinker coffee hunda oli

Ethiopia - Hunda Oli

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Hunda Oli means “the greatest” in Oromo, the language of the Oromo people, who make up the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia. Hailing from the Kata Muduga Multi-Purpose Farmers Cooperative Union, this coffee is an absolute standout and a beautiful example of why we love sweet and floral coffees from East Africa.

The Kata Muduga Cooperative Union was established in the Gera District of the Jimma Zone in August 2016. The cooperative processes coffee with eco-friendly Penagos machines, which use minimal water. One hundred and sixty-one members of the co-op contributed to this coffee. The Gera District is a renowned coffee region, with decades of experience in fine Arabica coffee production on both private and publicly owned plantations. Much of the area is covered in forest or rainforest, and coffee grows well protected under the tree canopies. It rains for 9 months of the year before the sun comes out in time to dry the cherries for harvest.

At the washing station, the beans are fermented in soaking tanks for 12 hours, then dried for four to six hours on raised beds. The beds are fitted with mesh wire to allow the water to drain off quickly. After the initial drying phase, netting is fitted over the mesh wire and the parchment coffee is dried on the tables for 9 to 11 days.

  • REGION: Oromia
  • PRODUCER: Kata Muduga Cooperative
  • PROCESS: Washed
  • VARIETY: Ethiopian Heirloom
  • ELEVATION: 1900-2200 M
  • TASTING NOTES: Cherry, candied lime & baking spices
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