Ethiopia - Asefa Estate Natural


Ethiopia - Asefa Estate Natural

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Sourced with the help of our friends at Catalyst Coffee, this sweet and creamy naturally processed lot from the Asefa Estate in Keffa is a real treat. Michael McIntyre of Catalyst had this to say about the coffee and Asefa himself:

When we were visiting Asefa and his community this sourcing season, Ethiopia was suffering a severe cash shortage. It is difficult for us to imagine what that is like, to have money in the bank, but to be unable to withdraw or spend any of it, due to a shortage of physical paper currency. Asefa, being well known and respected in communities throughout Ethiopia for his integrity and commitment to his people, was able to call on some friends from other coffee mills and borrow the necessary cash so that he could pay the people that labor at his farm and mill. This fundamental valuing of human dignity is exemplary. It is what we strive for in our own pursuits. This also demonstrates the dire need to contractually commit to coffees in Ethiopia, since foreign currency is vital to the economic well being of Ethiopia. We are utmost happy to be working with Asefa and his wonderful community.

This is an extremely special preparation lot. The harvesting protocols were detailed and the ripe cherries were still placed in a floating tank, in order to ensure quality. Once floaters were removed, the cherries were placed on slotted, raised drying beds and manually rotated for even drying, which took place over 12-16 days on average. Asefa has a private export license which allows us to buy directly from him, and he owns a dry mill in Chire district of Sidama, named it after his son Keneon.

  • REGION: Keffa Zone, Telo District, Sheda Village

  • PRODUCER: Asefa Dukamo Plantation

  • PROCESS: Natural

  • VARIETY: Longberry

  • ELEVATION: 1600-1750M

  • TASTING NOTES: Strawberry Danish, vanilla, cream

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