Colombia - Mujeres Cafeteras


Colombia - Mujeres Cafeteras

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Mujeres Cafeteras is an association of 303 female coffee producers in the Huila municipalities of Garzón, Pital, and El Agrado. Established under the larger Coocentral cooperative, this organization of women has been specially trained in coffee harvesting, fermentation/processing, and drying to help them produce exceptional lots with depth and complexity.

By providing an opportunity for the women of Mujeres Cafeteras to organize as a legal entity, the group now has greater access to capital investment and administrative training. Their commitment to training and continuous improvement has given the members a unique opportunity to not only provide for their families, but also become leaders in the coffee industry in Colombia.

  • REGION: Huila

  • PRODUCER: Mujeres Cafeteras

  • PROCESS: Fully Washed

  • VARIETY: Caturra & Colombia

  • ELEVATION: 1200-2000 M

  • TASTING NOTES: Green apple, cinnamon, jam

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