June 2016 Subscription Letter


If there’s one thing we know with absolute, 100% certainty, it’s that learning and experimenting with coffee is a lifelong pursuit. Whether it’s through following the latest research on extraction levels of low-pressure espresso or simply experimenting with grind size and water temperature in your Chemex, there’s no limit to the opportunity we have as coffee drinkers to (excuse the pun) tinker with our brew.

The real question is: where do we go for experimental inspiration? Some of us have the time, energy, and curiosity to play around with completely novel brewing techniques on the weekend, but most of us could use some suggestions every now and then. This month, we’re sharing a bit about where we go to find the latest coffee brewing techniques, research, and experiments.

One of the most respected resources in specialty coffee is Matt Perger. Matt is a former World Brewers Cup champion (a very big deal) and has won or placed highly in several other world renowned coffee competitions. One of Matt’s many coffee-focused pursuits is operating and managing Barista Hustle [baristahustle.com], an incredible resource for coffee enthusiasts. Barista Hustle sends out a weekly email newsletter that recaps and provides commentary on some of the latest coffee research, brewing equipment, and techniques. One of the greatest resources on Barista Hustle, however, is the “Barista’s Guide to the Galaxy.” [baristahustle.com/galaxy] It’s a collection of brewing videos, whitepapers, blogs, equipment reviews, business resources, and the list goes on and on. If you have any curiosity about coffee at all, we highly suggest you bookmark that page and thank us later :)

If you’re a podcast listener, we’ve got a great suggestion for you there as well. “I Brew My Own Coffee” is a fantastic podcast hosted by Brian Beyke (@abandoncoffee) and Bryan Schiele (@letsbrew.coffee), two coffee dudes that know how to build a killer Instagram following and brew damn fine coffee. Their podcast features interviews with coffee professionals like Jared Linzmeier of Ruby Coffee and Maxwell Mooney of Spotted Cow Coffee, among many other interesting and engaging guests and topics. After listening to a couple episodes, you’ll feel like you’ve got an insider’s view into the world of specialty coffee.

On to this month’s coffees! After a bit of a lull in the coffee shipping period, new lots from Central America and beyond are finally arriving in the States. This month we’re featuring two of our new favorite coffees: Costa Rica Candelaria Estate and Papua New Guinea Sero Bebes. The Candelaria Estate is owned and operated by Otto Klotti, a German who purchased the Estate in the 1960s and has been running it ever since. Otto’s coffees produce a wonderfully mellow, medium-bodied cup with balanced lime acidity and stone fruit sweetness. A perfect morning cup! Sero Bebes is the owner of a 34-hectare farm and washing station in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea, and his coffees are some of the most complex and interesting lots we’ve tried in a long time. This particular lot has a rich, dried fruit sweetness that reminded us of Fig Newtons that finishes incredibly clean. We could drink this coffee anytime, anywhere, all day, everyday :) We love seeing photos of people enjoying Tinker Coffee at home (or in the wild!), so please feel free to tag us and share your brew on Instagram! #nomorebadcoffee