July 2016 Subscription Letter


We wanted to find an extra special coffee for you this month, so we reached out to one of our best importers for suggestions on a remarkable coffee from an interesting origin. We got several great ideas back, but one stood out above the rest: a smallholder lot from Badak in West Java. This particular microlot is sold under the Sunda Hejo brand name, which is an offshoot of Olam Specialty Coffee in Indonesia. As we’ve seen in previous specialty lots from Indonesia (Sulawesi comes to mind), this coffee has a rich dark chocolate base with a smack of sweet boysenberry and raspberry. Nearly every person we spoke to at Olam suggested we try this coffee, and we’re really excited for you to get your hands on it as well.

Coffees from Indonesia are often grown at lower relative altitudes than coffees from mountainous countries like Kenya, and the resulting flavor profile can often highlight rich dessert-like sweetness rather than tangy brightness. Low acidity combined with a syrupy sweet body helps to make this an extremely versatile coffee that can sing in a French Press, as a shot of espresso, and in traditional drip brewing.

Olam has made a strong commitment to coffee in Indonesia, supporting farmers through both coffee purchases and educational initiatives. Many farmers attend educational seminars held nearly every week that educate them on advanced farming techniques and quality assurance measures. By focusing on continual improvement at the farm level, Olam helps to ensure that every stakeholder in the coffee chain has the best chance to succeed in the long run.

It is our goal to feature unique and exclusive microlots from time to time for our subscribers to highlight top quality producers and interesting flavor profiles. We’re able to source these lots through our close relationships with importers like Olam that scour the globe in search of special lots and help bring them to the States.

Now that we’ve told you all about this incredible coffee, let’s take a minute to honor this great country of ours. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMERICA! We figured there’s no better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than with an ice cold beverage of your choice, so we hope you enjoy using this sweet Tinker coozie at your next celebration. We like to keep things fun around here :)

Here’s a sneak preview of one new coffee arriving in mid-July:

Guatemala El Limonar -- Cup of Excellence 15th place (2014), 7th place (2013)