July 2015 Subscription Letter


You are the first to receive our two latest coffee arrivals: an El Salvador from Ataco, and a Kenyan coffee from Murang’a.

Our El Salvador is a washed, 100% Bourbon coffee produced by Fernando & Ernesto Lima of Finca Santa Josafita, a family owned farm in northwestern El Salvador. The Lima family is serious about producing quality coffee -- they have competed in El Salvador’s Cup of Excellence competition since 2011 and have placed as high as 9th! One interesting thing about Santa Josefita is that the farm can process their coffees using multiple processing methods. The coffee you received today was processed using the Washed method, and in the near future Tinker will receive another batch from the same lot that has been naturally processed. We are super excited to feature coffees from the same farm processed using two different methods. It’s a great way to highlight how processing at the farm affects the cup, and we will be showcasing this in cupping classes through the summer and fall.

Our latest Kenyan coffee was produced by farmers belonging to the New Weithaga Farmers’ Cooperative Union. This lot of Kenyan Weithaga coffee consisted of 40 total bags and we were able to secure five. That’s 12.5% of the entire microlot!  The lot contains SL28, SL34, Ruiru11 and Batian varietals. While cupping samples, we loved the lemon candy aftertaste which lingered for what felt like hours. We feel privileged to have found such a unique and exclusive lot of Kenyan coffee and hope you enjoy.