April 2016 Subscription Letter


April is one of the most exciting months of the year in specialty coffee. Not only will fresh new coffees from Central America start arriving soon, but the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s (SCAA) annual meeting/Expo happens. The Expo is a massive four-day event that brings together importers, coffee roasters, educators, cafe owners, equipment producers, and anyone else with a love and passion for specialty coffee. This year’s event is being held in Atlanta, and will be a great opportunity for the state of Georgia to show off it’s growth in the coffee world.

We were lucky enough to receive a ticket to the event this year from the producers of a product we’re very excited about: Handground [http://handground.com]. Handground is a precision manual burr grinder that solves many of the issues people face with the current selection of hand grinders on the market. Manual grinders are perfect for people that travel frequently or simply want to make sure they can freshly grind beans wherever life takes them, and at an affordable price point they make it easy for people to take their first step into the world of specialty coffee. We’re very excited for the launch of Handground, and will be sure to let you know as soon as the products are available at the shop.

In addition to checking out awesome new products like Handground (and the new Baratza Sette grinder), we’ll also be meeting with several of our importers to cup new coffee arrivals and plan coffee shipments in the coming months. We’re very excited to be working with Onyx Coffee [http://onyxcoffee.com/] this year for our offerings from Guatemala, and can’t wait to see how their coffees are tasting. Keep an eye out on social media for all the latest updates from Atlanta!

Our featured coffee this month is a brand-new Ethiopian lot from the Suke Quto farm in the Oromia Region of the Guji Zone. Suke Quto was established in 2005 with a mission of bringing environmentally friendly farming practices to the region, and has been an incredible success since its inception. While only starting with 5 hectares of coffee plantings, the farm has now grown to 221 hectares and continues to produce some of the finest coffees in Guji.

The coffee features a delicate flavor profile with notes of lemongrass, rose, and honey. For those of you that brew pourover coffee at home, you’re really going to enjoy the floral aromatics of the coffee as you brew. If you’re brewing on a regular drip coffee maker, you should be able to bring out sweet notes of caramel in the cup by adjusting your dose up slightly. However you choose to brew this coffee, we think you’ll enjoy the evolving flavor profile as the coffee cools… flavors shift and dance throughout the entire cup, making for a complex, exciting, and enjoyable cup.


If you’ve been to the shop recently you know Steve’s preferred brew method is the Kalita Wave. Many cafes are switching to the Kalita Wave as their single cup brew method due to the Kalita’s ease of use and top-notch consistency. Over the past few weeks Steve has been experimenting with a new recipe which has turned out great. Here are the details: Water temperature up to 207, dose up to 13:1 (I use 27g of coffee to produce 350g of brew), pulse rate at 50g per 30 seconds and grind level coarsened up slightly. Give it a shot!