Japanese Iced Coffee

This traditional Japanese method of brewing iced coffee is a process in which a coffee concentrate is brewed directly over ice, using the melted ice water to balance out the end result. Because the brewed coffee is instantly hitting the ice, this prevents the coffee from oxidizing and locks in the coffee’s brighter notes.


What You Need:

  • v60 dripper

  • v60 filter

  • Coffee carafe

  • Stirring utensil

  • Ice

  • Gooseneck kettle

  • Kitchen scale

  • Grinder

-Note: This method can also be accomplished using a Chemex rather than a v60. 

japanese overview

Step 1:

Place filter into the v60 and rinse the filter with heated water. Once finished, dispose rinse water into sink.

- Note: Rinsing the filter before brewing coffee removes any papery taste from the filter.

japanese rinse

Step 2:

Measure out 24 g of coffee and grind to a fine grind, a step finer than a normal v60 grind.

-Note: Its best to choose a fruitier or more floral coffee for this brewing method to accentuate its brighter notes.

japanese dose
japanese grind

Step 3:

Place 180g of ice into the coffee carafe. Then place the v60 with rinsed filter on top of the carafe and pour in the ground coffee. Tare the kitchen scale to zero.

-Note: The amount of ice will determine how concentrated the end product will be. If you want a stronger iced coffee, use less ice in the brew. If you want a weaker iced coffee, use more ice. 

japanese ice

Step 4:

Pour 48g of water at 205˚F over the coffee, allowing the coffee to bloom, releasing gasses trapped inside the grounds. Let coffee bloom for thirty seconds, stirring the grounds lightly at the end of thirty seconds.

japanese bloom
japanese stir

Step 5:

Continue pouring water until you reach 380g and let water drain from the dripper. Once water is finished, remove v60 dripper and swirl the carafe, ensuring the melted water and coffee concentrate mix completely.

Jap Iced 8.jpg

Step 6:

Pour and enjoy!

japanese pour