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RAMP UP - Hosted by Rancilio

Join us for our Indianapolis stop on our Ramp Up road tour at Tinker Coffee!

Ramp Up is a barista-focused road tour that seeks to empower baristas by offering free, professional classes and by elevating drink making with a fun, skills-based competition: the Technical Throwdown. It's free to attend and open to everyone!

At 4:00 PM, we will host a tech class called Basic Espresso Tech. This class will focus on what goes on under the hood of an espresso machine and will cover basic maintenance and operation.

At 5:00 PM, we will dig into what is actually happening during extraction with Espresso Theory. We will look at how temperature and flow rate can affect extraction and offer tools to diagnose and address issues.

At 6:00 PM, we will host a coffee centric panel with different professionals from the industry. Hear how to make a sustainable career in specialty coffee.

At 7:00 PM, we will start the Technical Throwdown. This is our take on a Latte Art Throwdown but with more of a focus on elements that are important behind the bar. There will be 4 rounds, and it is free to sign up.

If you want to compete in the Technical Throwdown, signups will begin at 6 PM. We will fill a 16-person bracket lottery-style, drawing names at random until the bracket is filled.

Here are the rules for the Technical Throwdown:

  • Competitors will pull their own shots and maintain their own station. A technical judge will watch to see if competitors wipe and purge steam wands, empty portafilters, serve their drinks without touching the rim of the cup, have no spills on their cup, and have no spills/messes at their station when they are done.

  • Before each competitor starts, a dice roll will determine the round. The options include pouring with Oatly, pouring a macchiato, pouring a rosetta, pouring a heart, a free-style round, or an espresso only round. The espresso-only round will be tasted by the judges. You will want to make sure you are dialed in!

  • For each point that a competitor misses according to the tech judge, they will have to choose from a list of handicaps for their next round. The list of handicaps includes pouring into a to-go cup, pouring into a 60 gram espresso yield, pouring with a non-dominant hand, steaming with 30% steam power, or using a spoutless pitcher to steam and pour.

  • All pours must be free pours, using the competition cups (8 oz or 3 oz Created Co) and the competition pitchers (15 oz Slow Pour Supply).

Please note that everyone present at the event, including volunteers, attendees and competitors are subject to our Code of Conduct, available here.

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