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Saint Aubin Listening Party (new album!)

Come eat food, drink beer, and hear Saint Aubin's upcoming album "Losing Control".

For the past year Saint Aubin has been working on their first full length release, Losing Control, a departure from Saint Aubin’s folky roots that stays true to the vitality & energy that defined their early sound. Since their attention span is about as good as a toddler they decided to forgo the traditional listening party model and give everyone the best of both worlds. Come listen to the album while eating food and drinking beer and coffee. NUVO's very own, Seth Johnson, will host a live interview with Saint Aubin, digging into the themes of their music. If everything goes smooth, Saint Aubin will play a few songs. If everything goes really smooth, Trevor may make you a latte.

Register for your spot here: Saint Aubin Listening Party