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REGION: Guji, Sidama
PRODUCER: Layo Teraga Cooperative
VARIETY: 74110
TASTING NOTES: Lavender frosting, orange zest, blackberry

Founded in 1976, the Layo Teraga cooperative has been a beacon of hope for 1841 smallholder coffee farmers in the Guji zone of Ethiopia. Located in northern Uraga at an impressive elevation of 2342 MASL, these farmers cultivate exceptional coffee in semi-forested gardens surrounding their homes.

At the central washing station, the carefully handpicked coffee cherries undergo a meticulous process of pulping and a single 45-hour fermentation, followed by 12 days of drying on raised beds. This dedication to quality results in a truly outstanding coffee that showcases the unique characteristics of the Guji terroir and celebrates the rich history and culture of the region.

Through their unwavering commitment to excellence, the smallholder members of the Layo Teraga cooperative have overcome historical challenges and firmly established themselves as producers of some of the finest coffee in the world.

Ethiopia - Layo Teraga

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