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REGION: Bensa, Sidama
PRODUCER: Basha Bekele
PROCESS: Natural
VARIETY: 74158, known locally as “Walega”
TASTING NOTES: Raspberry, jasmine, plum

Basha's Bombe drying station in Bensa is a cornerstone of the community he and his father have uplifted, even constructing a local church. Armed with his own export license, Basha tends to 12 hectares of semi-forested coffee plots, primarily cultivating the locally cherished 74158 variety, known as "Walega." His outreach spans Bombe, Shantawane, and Kokose, collecting cherry from producers at elevations as high as 2300 meters above sea level. Notably, Basha ensures fair practices by providing a second payment to the 126 producers he purchases cherry from, even after cherry prices surged this year.

Like many smallholders in the Bensa region, Basha specializes in dry processes, experimenting with anaerobic fermentation and employing cherry flotation before meticulously drying his coffee on raised beds, some under shade.

Ethiopia - Basha Bekele

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