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REGION: Amederaro, Yirgacheffe
PRODUCER: Amederaro Konga Washing Station
PROCESS: Natural
VARIETY: 74110 & 74112
TASTING NOTES: Blueberry, mango, rhubarb

More than 2450+ coffee producing farmers contribute their harvests to the Amederaro Konga Washing Station where this coffee was processed. The washing station sits at an elevation of just under 2000 meters above sea level, and coffees grown at such high altitudes produce exceptional density of flavor and vibrant acidity.

When the washing station receives the ripe cherries from their producer partners, the cherries are floated in water to identify and remove coffees that fail to meet density standards. From there, the cherries are placed on raised beds and allowed to dry for 19 to 21 days, achieving a clean and delicious fruit-forward flavor profile that highlights the unique characteristics of the harvests from each producing partner.

We're tasting loads of dense fruit in this lot, with blueberry, mango, and rhubarb all present in the cup. This lot also features a balanced and bright acidity, which is the perfect compliment to the complex fruit notes.

Ethiopia - Amederaro Konga

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