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REGION: Yirgacheffe
PRODUCER: Gargari Washing Station
VARIETY: 74110
TASTING NOTES: Geranium, lavender, orange, mango, peach

This exceptional washed coffee from Yirgacheffe is the result of the hard work of over 3200+ farmers that bring their coffee cherries to the Gargari Washing Station for processing every year. Upon arrival at the washing station, these ripe cherries are de-pulped and fermented for 12 hours. After this initial fermentation, the coffee is washed and then allowed to ferment for an additional 48 to 72 hours. Upon completion of this secondary fermentation, the coffee is set out to dry for 8 to 12 days on raised beds.

We’re tasting all sorts of lovely fruit and floral notes in this lot, with stone fruit, citrus, and wildflowers all coming through exquisitely in the cup. Ethiopian coffees like this are so intriguing to us because their distinctive flavor profiles truly only exist once. With multiple farmers all contributing lots to the washing station and given year-to-year changes in growing conditions, we’ll never see a coffee quite like this again. Enjoy it while it lasts!

            Ethiopia - Gargari Washed

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