Chemex Brewing Guide

While the Chemex has been known for its aesthetic design, its scientific function has made it one of the more desirable brewing methods for over 70 years. The thick, paper filter catches many of the insoluble coffee particles resulting in a bright, clean cup of coffee, every time.


What you need:

  • Chemex

  • Chemex paper filter

  • Grinder

  • Gooseneck kettle

  • Kitchen scale

  • Stirring utensil

  • Timer

  • Tinker Coffee Co. whole beans

chemex overview

Step One:

Place the Chemex paper filter so there are three layers lying over the pour spout. Then rinse the paper filter with water, making sure to wet the entire surface of the filter. Dispose of rinse water when finished.

-Note: If the three folds are not over the pour spout, the filter can collapse into the spout, restricting airflow and slowing your brewing process. 

chemex filter wash

Step Two:

Measure out 42 grams of whole bean coffee and grind to a medium-coarse grind, relative to the size of kosher-salt. Place the freshly ground coffee into Chemex creating a flat, level surface.  Place Chemex on kitchen scale and tare scale to zero.

-Note: If grind is too coarse, your coffee will brew to quickly. If grind is too fine, your coffee will brew too slowly. You desired brew time should be close to four minutes. 

chemex weight
chemex grind

Step Three:

Start timer set for 4 minutes and pour 80 grams of water at 205°F into the Chemex, allowing the coffee to bloom. Let coffee bloom for 30 seconds, giving it a light stir, making sure all the grounds are saturated.

-Note: the blooming process is the releasing of gasses trapped inside the coffee grounds. Do not let coffee bloom for any less than 30 seconds, this will ensure all the gasses have been expelled. 

chemex bloom

Step Four:

After the bloom, continue to add water gradually, making sure that you reach 150g by 1:00, 400g by 1:45, and 700g by 2:30. When you reach 700g, give coffee grounds one final, light stir and let drip.

-Note: For an even extraction, pour water in a circular motion, covering the darker areas and avoiding the lighter ones.  

chemex brew

Step Five:  

Once the brewed coffee reaches the glass button on the Chemex (20 oz. and around 4:00), fold the filter over and press lightly to extract any remaining coffee. Be careful not to press too hard, as the filter can rip and send grinds into the Chemex. When the remaining water has been pressed into the vessel, discard or compost the filter and ground coffee.

chemex filter

Step Six:

Pour coffee and enjoy!