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5 Of Our Favorite Coffee Bag Designs

When it comes to specialty coffees, image really isn't everything....but it still counts for a lot. Most of us appreciate well designed and creative packaging when it comes to things like electronics and music, so why should coffee bags be any different?

We've rounded up five of our favorite coffee packages from around this great country of ours to highlight coffee producers that are not only roasting incredible beans, but also keeping a watchful eye on the design of their brand.  

Dark Matter Coffee - Black Blood

This bag rules for a ton of reasons. First things first, it's Dark Matter's collaboration with Mastodon, which was hopefully pretty obvious. The release of this coffee coincided with the release of the band's latest album, and the artwork on the bag reflects the album art. It's colorful, it's tough, it's weird....what else do you need? The coffee is also aged in bourbon barrels, so I guess that's what else you need.

Madcap Coffee Co. - Kirura

Madcap's bag for this incredible Kenyan coffee features the classic Madcap company patch at the top of the bag (you have to actually feel it to understand what a nice touch it is), complimented with an almost shimmery purple belt that wraps around the entire bag and describes the nuances of the coffee. The purple accent really works well with the classic matte black bag to keep things simple and balanced.

Tandem Coffee Roasters - Konga

Sometimes keeping things super simple is really the best way to go. Tandem Coffee Roasters in Portland, Maine have this down to a science. Not only is their kraft paper bag flawless, but the engraved company logo is memorable and simple....two great characteristics of any strong brand. The company uses color effectively to differentiate their roasts, and the use of the wrap-around sticker allows for unlimited color combinations to complement the kraft bag. Well done, gang. 

Colectivo Coffee - the whole line

Maybe I'm just a sucker for black bags, but Colectivo Coffee in Milwaukee has found a way to strike the perfect balance between deep matte black and color in their packaging. On top of the great design, the bags also showcase a unique square, stand-up pouch that looks really nice out on display in your kitchen. 

Gimme! Coffee - the whole line

The choice of Gimme! to round out our top five might come as a bit of surprise given the simplistic nature of their bags, but the reason they made the list is more about what you do with the bag once you're done enjoying the coffee. These bags are unique in that you can compost the packaging once you're finished with the coffee, something we haven't seen in many other coffee roasters. In addition to their environmentally conscious bag material, the design of the bag prominently features the Gimme! exclamation point logo, which is such a strong brand mark they don't even need to print their name on the front (excluding the website). 

Posted on November 11, 2014 .