2018 Golden Bean Results

It seems like everyone is getting into awards season at the moment… the Emmys are wrapped, the Great American Beer Festival just finished, and the results are in for the coffee version of the Oscars -- The Golden Bean Competition! This competition judges coffees from across North America in 9 different categories, ranging from espresso to filter/pour-over. As roasters, we submit specific coffees for distinct categories where they are judged and scored in their respective brewing category and also on the cupping table.

This year we submitted coffees in four categories: Single-Origin Espresso, Filter/Pour-Over, Espresso, and Milk-Based Espresso. With great anticipation the winners were finally announced last weekend, and we took medals in every category we entered! We were thrilled with our results, and are excited to share them with you here:

Malawi Mzuzu -- BRONZE, single-origin espresso

Kenya Kiandu AB -- BRONZE, filter/pour-over

Conduit blend -- BRONZE, espresso

Conduit blend  -- BRONZE, milk-based espresso

We were confident going into the competition because we felt that our offerings were exceptionally strong this year, and we’re so thrilled that the judges agreed. Now you can brag to all your friends that you drink award-winning coffees at home :)

For all full list of winning coffees, you can check out the official Golden Bean Awards presentation.

Posted on October 1, 2018 .