Meet the Team: Sydney Brackemyre

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You might have noticed that some of our Instagram posts are looking A LOT better recently, and we have one very special person to thank for those upgrades: our illustrious intern Sydney Brackemyre! Syd the Kyd is a dynamo and has been doing awesome work with us for the past month and we wanted to give folks the chance to get to know her a bit better. We sat down with Syd and asked some questions about where she's been, where she's going, and what drew her to the coffee industry in the first place.

Hey Syd! First question... What's your story? Where ya from and whatcha doing?

I’m Sydney!! I’m from Wilmington, Ohio which is outside of Cincinnati.  I went to a small high school but got really into basketball so I spent most of my time training and trying to earn a college scholarship. After high school I accepted a basketball scholarship to the University of Louisville.  Unfortunately (after having a knee surgery my junior year of high school), I ended up really messing up my knee again at Louisville and had to have a couple more knee surgeries.  I redshirted my freshman year there and played a game or two my sophomore year before having another surgery.  The long story short is that my basketball career went downhill due to a bad knee and I realized that I wouldn’t be able to continue to play at Louisville after all of those surgeries.  Because of all my injuries the focus of my life became less focused around basketball and in that I found a love for art, photography, multimedia, and Jesus.

I was studying business marketing at Louisville and began to really enjoy what I was studying.  I decided to leave Louisville and try to transfer down a division (from D1 to D2) where I could possibly continue to play ball (at a way more limited amount).  I had an amazing opportunity to come play at UIndy where I could continue my studies and also play ball with less pounding on my knee. I played for one year and then decided not to play any more seasons to give me and my knee a shot at a good, healthy, and active life.  I will finish my degree at UIndy and graduate in May of 2018.

I am super grateful to have been blessed with the opportunity to come to Indianapolis.  I love doing photography and creating content and Indy cultivates an amazing atmosphere to do that. Since joining the Indianapolis coffee community I found that it gets even better.  The niche group of people who value art, quality goods, and kindness have created an outstanding culture and the ability to create has shown through;  I’m stoked to be a part.

What are you studying in school?

Business Marketing with a path study in digital media.

What got you into coffee?

My family!  My dad’s side of the family has always been a bunch of java drinkers so I grew up around the sweet smell of brew.  My dad is my best coffee friend for sure, and our dog’s name is Java.

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Photo by Sydney Brackemyre -- @divinesixght

What's your most memorable coffee experience?

I would probably say that my favorite experience was when I was in Honduras drinking Honduran coffee with Hondurans.  It was so cool to just appreciate the local coffee with people who work so hard and to have the opportunity to drink it with them.

What's your favorite food?

All veggies. (editor's note: this is confirmed.)

What's your favorite Instagram account?


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Photo by Sydney Brackemyre -- @divinesixght

Posted on June 13, 2017 .