Tinker Coffee + The Garden Table = Lord Byron

A perfectly brewed cup of hot coffee will always be our #1 love, but experimenting with flavor profiles in cold brew coffee opens up a whole new world to explore. Not only will individual coffee provide their own unique flavor profile when cold-brewed, but you can also experiment with brew ratios and steep times to accentuate or deemphasize certain characteristics of a coffee.

One of the tastiest (and most fun) ways to experiment with cold brew is in coffee-based cocktails, and we got together with Mike Schrader of Indy's Garden Table to submit a coffee cocktail for the Amsterdam Coffee Festival Coffee Mixologists competition. We present for your consideration:



Nicaragua Finca Los Pinos cold brew

4:1 ratio, 24hr steep. Filtered via Chemex.


1/4oz 18.21 Bitters rosemary sage simple syrup

1.5oz Finca Los Pinos cold brew

3/4oz Cruz vermouth

3/4oz St. George spiced pear liqueur

2oz Camarena silver tequila

6 dashes Regan's orange bitters

Combine all ingredients in a yari glass. Fill with ice & stir. Serve in coupe glass with a lemon zest.

Posted on February 6, 2017 .