Sometimes Ya Gotta Sit and Think

Howdy Yall! We hope you had an incredible summer and that your favorite football team(s) win the championship(s) as we dive headfirst in to Fall.

We've been thinking a lot about priorities lately, and have a bit of a change to announce. Not a big huge change, but a little one that should help Tinker Coffee Co. "Be All That It Can Be™". 

Starting tomorrow, we will close the roaster on WEDNESDAYS. While we hate to disrupt anyone's coffee buying schedule, this change will pay huge dividends for everyone in the future by giving us the mental capacity to crush it six days a week, and figure out how to crush it even more on the seventh.

I've been reading an awesome book called Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, and it got me thinking about the best way to grow our humble little coffee roasting operation. Over a few beers one night, Jeff and I decided that it made a lot of sense to close the roaster one day a week to give ourselves a bit more time to think strategically about the projects we were tackling and the operations of our business, and we're ready to put those conversations into practice. I think Courtney Barnett pretty much summed up this idea perfectly with the title of her latest album.

Thanks a million for all your support to this point, and we look forward to seeing you at the roaster very soon!

-Steve & Jeff

Posted on September 15, 2015 .