AeroPress Brewing Guide

The brew method with the largest cult following and its own world championship competition, the AeroPress is a highly regarded brewing method both for its simplicity and brewing quality. Using a combination of full immersion, press brew and a microfilter, the AeroPress takes the best of several brewing methods and brings them together to create a beautifully clean cup in less than three minutes.


What you need:

  • AeroPress

  • AeroPress filter

  • Gooseneck kettle

  • Kitchen scale

  • Timer

  • Stirring utensil

  • Mug or coffee carafe

  • Tinker Coffee Co. whole bean coffee

aeropress overview

Step 1:

Place AeroPress filter inside the filter cap and tightly secure filter cap to the chamber. Place chamber with secured filter cap and filter on top of a mug or coffee carafe and pour hot water inside the chamber, rinsing out any papery taste from the filter. Dispose of rinse water when finished.

aeropress rinse

Step 2:

Measure out 18g of whole bean coffee and grind to a fine grind. Pour freshly ground coffee into the AeroPress chamber. Place mug/carafe on the kitchen scale and then place the AeroPress chamber with ground coffee on top of the mug/carafe and tare the scale to zero.


Note: If the grind is too fine, the grounds will be over extracted, resulting in a bitter cup of coffee. If the grind is too coarse, the grounds will be under extracted, resulting in a weak cup of coffee.

aeropress grinder
aeropress grind

Step 3:

Start timer set for two minutes and pour 40g of water at 201˚F into the AeroPress chamber, allowing the coffee to bloom. Let the coffee bloom for 30 seconds, allowing all of the gasses to expel from the coffee. After 30 seconds, gently stir coffee.

aeropress bloom
aeropress stir

Step 4:

Finish pouring 240g of water into the AeroPress chamber so the total weight of the water is 280g. Once finished adding water, gently stir coffee. When done stirring, place plunger slightly into AeroPress chamber. This process should be finished at 1 min 20 sec.


Note: In order to reach the full 280g of water, you may need to stir coffee periodically throughout the brew process. It’s best to stir at 150g or 230g. 

aeropress full brew
aeropress brew finish
aeropress cap

Step 5:

At 1 min 45 sec, press plunger, extracting coffee into the mug/carafe.


Note: If the plunge is difficult, then the grind is too fine. If the plunge is easy, then your grind is too coarse. A good plunge should be able to be done in 15 sec.

aeropress plunge

Step 6:

Remove the AeroPress from your cup or carafe. Enjoy your delicious cup!


Note: Since the AeroPress can produce a more concentrated cup of coffee, you may want to add additional hot water to your cup to taste. 

aeropress cup

One of the greatest benefits of the AeroPress is the ability to brew coffee differently by following unique recipes. Check out some of the winning recipes in the US AeroPress Championship & World AeroPress Championship!

Recipes via Sprudge.